Bring Them Here – Now

I feel paralysed with horror at the reports coming out of Manus Island. As the effort to expel the six hundred men there enters its fourth hour, two men are already unconscious. One has epilepsy. Both desperately need medical attention. As horrifying as this situation is, I hope these will be the only injuries suffered today. I fear that they … Read More

2016: Where does the Left go from here?

‘Someone once said that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism. We can now revise that and witness the attempt to imagine capitalism by way of imagining the end of the world.’ Fredric Jameson, Future City, 2003 When I began writing this article, it was intended as a set of … Read More

Rethinking ‘Deaths at Sea’

Boat turnbacks are an explicit negation of the humanity of those seeking to come to Australia by boat, writes Tyler Trennery. The failure of the Australian Left to construct a sustainable narrative of the rights of maritime asylum seekers has in many ways been symbolised by the ineffectual response to the apparent ‘humanitarian’ concern of preventing the death of asylum … Read More

The plan failed – now it’s really time to bind

Abbott’s political footballing of marriage equality has left us with the only option we haven’t tried – it really is time for Labor to bind, writes Caleb Gardner. I’m not sure why ALP National Conference and activists assumed that Abbott was an idiot, but that assumption has led to yet another delay in the fight for marriage equality in Australia. … Read More

Reform tax distortions to tackle housing affordability

Negative gearing and Capital Gains Tax concessions are driving speculation and decreasing housing affordability. It’s time for a serious rethink, writes Tyler Trennery. There exists a reasonably broad consensus within Australian society that housing affordability is a serious issue and one which State and Federal governments need to address. Housing has placed an increasingly large burden on the disposable income … Read More

Labor for Refugees at a Crossroads

Update 09/08/2015: Response from Nizza Siano, Labor for Refugees National Secretary Labor for Refugees is disorganised, incoherent and incompetent. It must change now, or be destroyed and replaced. Refugee advocates are understandably disappointed in the wake of Labor’s failure to oppose the turnback of asylum seeker boats at National Conference. We must take the coming months to regroup, critically assess … Read More

What price capital punishment?

Last month’s highly publicised executions in Indonesia make the need to interrogate the premise of the death penalty more urgent than ever, writes Melanie Smart. The execution of Myuran Sukumaran, 34, and Andrew Chan, 31, convicted members of the Bali 9 in Indonesia last month, raised a lot of questions about the nature of criminal punishment. Of course, we took … Read More

So who are EMILY’s List?

Female, lefty and not gonna take it any more? Then EMILY’s List wants YOU, writes Helen Morrison. EMILY’s List is based on the American organisation by the same name, an organisation that raises money for pro-choice Democrat women running for Congress or Governor. The model was picked up in Australia 18 years ago, on November 11 1996, by some feminist … Read More

What’s in a Union?

Despite a resurged visibility, trade unions in Oz remain as misunderstood and vilified as ever in both politics and the workplace. Ella Fabry busts open a few myths surrounding them. According to the Liberal Party, a union is a gang of bikies/thugs/cage fighters/Daniel Andrews and John Setka holding hands, who beat up poor, defenceless business owners like Joe Schiavello and … Read More